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Black Bean & Veggie Enchiladas

Mexican food is my weakness. Specifically anything covered in cheese, but really, I love it all. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, chile rellenos, fajitas (oh shrimp fajitas!). And if guacamole is involved, I’m sold. Completely. Don’t even get me started on fresh, thin, crispy chips. I can’t handle it.  This has become our slowly evolving go-to enchilada recipe for the past year. The best part? Even though there’s a healthy smattering of cheese on top, the inside is mostly ...

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Napa Valley

California’s Napa Valley is a truly magical place. The summer months are the busy season, leading into fall’s harvest. While this may be the most appealing time to visit, we love to visit Napa in the winter months when it’s a little sleepier, a little easier on the wallet and still just as gorgeous. No, you can’t pluck a grape off the vine, but you can see sprawling fields of mustard plants, skip the traffic altogether, get into nearly any restaurant at the last ...

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Sangria for a Crowd

This may be the summer of sangria. In the past two weeks I’ve whipped up three batches for three different events. It’s easy, everyone loves it, and it’s a good way to use up that fruit approaching overripe status. This recipe serves a crowd, but could easily be paired down for a smaller gathering. Soaking the fruit in brandy overnight gives it a little extra punch, but I’ve also let it soak for only a few hours and the difference wasn’t noticeable.  Mason ...

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