Basement Reno… Let’s Do This

It’s more than a little embarrassing that it’s nearly been a month since my last post. Tsk, tsk… I know. 

Throw in one weeklong trip to Dallas for a super fun video shoot involving gourmet food for work. AKA the best work trip ever. Plus a crazy workload, a traveling husband, visits with family, a slightly crazy gym schedule as I try to get back in shape and train for a sprint triathalon (which I may have signed up for after one too many glasses of wine… whoops!), and, well, there’s been little time to give some love to O&B.



Basement renovation begins!

It’s been, oh, three months since the aquarium incident and what seems like far, far too much time wrangling assorted vendors and contractors and renovation company people. But we are finally here. Demo starts tomorrow and hopefully the rest will move forward quickly because we’re hoping to have everything finished by the first week of April before my parents move in for an extended stay (another story for another post!).

I’ve spent much of the afternoon loading up virtual shopping carts with furniture and accessories and made quite a few purchases for the decor side of things. And I’m really excited to share where we’ve landed for the decor for the main “living” portion of the basement:

Basement Decor |

We’ve definitely decided on the Crate & Barrel Lounge 93″ slipcovered sofa and I’m preeeetttty excited to spend many a Sunday afternoon nap curled up on it. Quite conveniently, C&B just launched an upholstery sale for some of its most popular styles and this guy is one of them, so we’re saving a much appreciated 15%. I’m not 100% sold on the chair and a half (though mostly sold). Slipcovered furniture is a necessity in our pug-ruled home. And buying quality pieces that will last forever means that if we want to change the look of a room in 5-10 years, we can just update the slipcover. Win-win. 

I pulled the trigger and purchased the rug, adorable little tree stump end table, poufs and a slew of majorly discounted mercury glass accessories and a few throws from West Elm today. 

The coffee table is from Home Decorators Collection and it’s not my final choice… yet. I really want something a bit more rustic and it looks nearly identical to our living room coffee table, but I’m having a hard time finding anything and might actually ask the cabinet maker who’s building our new wet bar to design something custom for us. 

There will be many more virtual shopping carts loaded up, abandoned, then reloaded in the next few weeks as we make our final decisions. And I promise to keep the updates coming as the work moves along in the basement.

Now off to go watch the Oscars’ red carpet arrivals… Priorities, right?