Basement Renovation: The Home Stretch

And by home stretch, I mean we are having carpet installed on the stairs on Wednesday and then we are officially DONE. At least with the renovation part. Next up is the accessorizing part (some of which has already started). 

Bdecause I can’t keep you waiting any longer…


But first – remember how beige the basement was before we got started?

Basement: BeforeWoof.

So here’s how this played out (via Instagram).

First, it got messy and dirty:

Basement Renovation Progress | OliverandBelle.comThen the building started: shelves under the stairs, a hole for what would soon become a built-in wine rack, custom wet bar cabinets, tongue & groove wainscoting and updating the entertainment center to fit TVs made in this century.

Basement Renovation Progress | 2

 Next came the priming part. And we could start to see where this was going. And we liked it. 

Basement Renovation Progress | OliverandBelle.comAnd then painting. The painted bookcase was a mistake. The first of many. Let’s just say this renovation process was not exactly stress-free and I’m pretty sure our project manager has a voodoo doll of me somewhere in his office. It’s fine because I have his photo pinned up on a dart board. 

Basement Renovation Progress |

 More paint. See where we’re going with this?

Basement Renovation Progress |

 And then things started to get good. Really good. 

Basement Renovation Progress | OliverandBelle.comAnd then they got better. Way better. 

Basement Renovation Progress |

 And, just like that, we were mostly done. Obviously I couldn’t wait to accessorize. With booze.

Basement Renovation Progress |

 The furniture arrived and, save for the wrong ottoman (Crate & Barrel is sending us a new one on Friday), I was in love.

Basement Renovation Progress |

Basement Renovation Progress | OliverandBelle.comMore details about the renovation (plus non-Instagram pics) and details about the changes we made upstairs coming soon!