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Spinach & Cheese Strata

Christmas breakfast is that glorious thing sandwiched between ripping presents open like a crazed banshee and playing with all of your new toys. It’s best enjoyed with coffee and boozy beverages (mimosas and bloody marys, perhaps). And it’s even better when you just have to pop it in the oven as soon as you pad downstairs in your Christmas slipper socks, still bleary eyed with an epic case of bed head.  Enter the strata. It’s basically savory bread pudding and tastes like a ...

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Vegan Broccoli Salad

What can I say? Sometimes I love an old school classic side dish. Granted, broccoli salad is way more summer BBQ than winter wonderland, but sometimes you just have to break the rules a bit. I have a problem. A food hoarding problem. Specifically involving boxes of Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi burgers. The deep freeze in our basement probably houses a minimum of 20 boxes. Last year, the Mahi burgers came and went so quickly that when they came back on the shelves this year, I stocked up. ...

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Black Bean & Veggie Enchiladas

Mexican food is my weakness. Specifically anything covered in cheese, but really, I love it all. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, chile rellenos, fajitas (oh shrimp fajitas!). And if guacamole is involved, I’m sold. Completely. Don’t even get me started on fresh, thin, crispy chips. I can’t handle it.  This has become our slowly evolving go-to enchilada recipe for the past year. The best part? Even though there’s a healthy smattering of cheese on top, the inside is mostly ...

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