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Basement Renovation: The Home Stretch

And by home stretch, I mean we are having carpet installed on the stairs on Wednesday and then we are officially DONE. At least with the renovation part. Next up is the accessorizing part (some of which has already started).  Bdecause I can’t keep you waiting any longer… PICS! But first – remember how beige the basement was before we got started? Woof. So here’s how this played out (via Instagram). First, it got messy and dirty: Then the building started: ...

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Basement Reno… Let’s Do This

It’s more than a little embarrassing that it’s nearly been a month since my last post. Tsk, tsk… I know.  Throw in one weeklong trip to Dallas for a super fun video shoot involving gourmet food for work. AKA the best work trip ever. Plus a crazy workload, a traveling husband, visits with family, a slightly crazy gym schedule as I try to get back in shape and train for a sprint triathalon (which I may have signed up for after one too many glasses of wine… ...

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A Budget-Friendly Closet Makeover

Let me preface this post by stating that I’m really lucky to have a pretty sizable walk-in closet. And I get it all to myself.  But before you start thinking this is what I walk into every morning… (That’s Yolanda Foster’s closet for you RHOBH fans… And we can all dream together.) … This is the reality: (Yes, I have a bit of a shoe problem.) As much as I love the ample space and storage, I have been less than excited about how blah it is. And, while ...

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Basement Renovation: The Inspiration

If you’re following us on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed an influx of basement inspiration photos pinned among the usual collection of delicious recipes. When we met with a contractor two weeks ago to talk about our basement renovation, I pulled up some of the pics to give him an idea of what we’re going for. I’m always drawn to a sort of rustic meets modern meets traditional style (that makes sense, right?) and my inspiration pics are predictably full of natural ...

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Silver Lining

Let’s be honest. Discovering that, oh, 100 gallons of water had been cruising through our living room into our basement thanks to The Great Aquarium Disaster of 2013 was horrible. Not only did Brian lose years of hard work, but our living room lost a beautiful piece of art. Like nature that was also art. We were both pretty bummed about it for the first few weeks. But now. Well, we’re trying to find the silver lining. It turns out that the silver lining is realizing this is as ...

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Our Holiday Home Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Carter house. Ok, so really it’s been looking an awful lot like Christmas since the weekend after Thanksgiving. There are also a few details involving coming home from our Thanksgiving vacation and discovering that Brian’s 75-gallon saltwater aquarium had been overflowing for 8 days. More on that later… But first, let’s take a look around, shall we? I made this wreath last year, but added a little Pinterest-y ...

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