{Good Things} Winter Beauty Must-Haves

{Good Things} Winter Beauty Must-Haves | Oliverandbelle.com

Real talk. My skin and hair have been out of control dry this winter. Polar Vortex, be damned!  Here’s how I’m surviving. (Aside from burrowing under blankets and wearing sweatpants.)

1. After complaining about dry, dull hair to a friend of mine, she suggested using coconut oil on the ends at night. And then I read about it on The Beauty Department (new obsession, btw) and I was sold. I use about a teaspoon of oil, rub it between my hands to liquify it and then apply it to the ends of my hair. I put my hair in a bun before sleeping (so my pillow doesn’t get too coconutty) and – voila! – soft hair the next morning. I do an extra thorough shampoo just to make sure all of the oil washes out, but the result is soft, shiny hair. Bye bye dull and dry. And as a bonus, I started applying it on my skin instead of lotion at night before bed and am loving the results. Also a big jar of it at Trader Joe’s costs like $5, so winner winner.

2. I think I’ve probably tried every body wash that exists under the face of the sun and every single one still leaves me itchy. I’ve made a conscious effort to try to use more eco-friendly products at home and especially when it comes to anything that Brian and I are going to use on the reg. Like on our bodies. Daily. While browsing the body wash section at Whole Foods, I brought this guy home with me and am pretty happy with how my skin feels after washing with it. Also it smells amazing and I enjoy any product named after me. 

3. I’ve heard/read lots of good things about argan oil, so I picked this up at Whole Foods as well. I’ve been applying it at night to my face under my night cream and I’m waking up with super soft, practically wrinkle-free skin. Wholeheartedly endorse. It’s also apparently great for hair, though I have yet to try it. The only downside? It smells, well, less than wonderful. 

4. I’m pretty obsessed with Burt’s Bees skincare. I discovered their Intense Hydration line last winter and fell in love. I use the cream cleanser, day lotion and night cream and my cheeks are no longer dry and flaky (thanks combination skin!). And adios itchy forehead!

5. Yet another Whole Foods find (though it’s available elsewhere), I’m loving this Deep Repair Cream from MyChelle Dermaceuticals. I swap it out with the Burt’s Bees stuff during the week. They have a vitamin C serum that I’d like to try next because obviously I have a problem with hoarding beauty products. Whoops.

6. I am a lip balm hoarder. I have a healthy collection of balms from EOS, Burt’s Bees, and assorted brands that showed up in my monthly Birchbox. But this remains my fave. It’s not too heavy, my lips feel smooth, it has SPF protection and it lasts FOR-EV-ER. 

7. A co-worker brought this cleansing oil on a work trip a few months ago and I was really baffled by the words “cleansing” and “oil” paired together. Turns out they make total sense. This cleanser is great for sensitive or dry skin and it even takes eye make-up off like a boss. I’m now obsessed and use it nightly (and Burt’s Bees & my Clarisonic in the morning). Side note, should you be interested in signing up to become a Julep Maven, I wouldn’t be mad atcha if you used my referral link