Our Holiday Home Tour

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Carter house. Ok, so really it’s been looking an awful lot like Christmas since the weekend after Thanksgiving. There are also a few details involving coming home from our Thanksgiving vacation and discovering that Brian’s 75-gallon saltwater aquarium had been overflowing for 8 days. More on that later… But first, let’s take a look around, shall we?

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comI made this wreath last year, but added a little Pinterest-y flair with the letter C (found for a few bucks at Michael’s) and some white ribbon. Easy breezy.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comI recently updated the foyer with a new rug and bench, plus some fun pillows. The rug was a total steal on clearance at Crate & Barrel. The bench is a Home Goods find and the pillows are from Home Goods and Target. Last year I dressed up the foyer with live garland and bows on the banister, but quickly discovered that live garland, while pretty to look at, is a total pain when it comes to clean up. 

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comI styled the entry console table with a mix of goodies from years past, though the little penguin is a new addition. 

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comI love anything cable knit and these trees, plus all of the gold and silver, make me really happy every time I walk in the door. The print in the background is a super cute drawing of the Kansas City skyline from Etsy seller albiedesigns

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comThe dining room is free of holiday decor this year, but the prints on the wall are new, so I had to snap a pic. All three are from Etsy. It’s the best place to find fun, affordable art. And if you know me and Brian, you know that we love wine and manhattans. So why not put them on the wall?

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comWhen we moved in last year, we transformed the hearth room from a tiny living room into a dining space, so now we have a true eat-in kitchen. This is where I choose to hang out because it’s warm and inviting and it just makes me happy. Plus hanging out there makes access to cheese and wine incredibly convenient. I updated the centerpiece after our annual holiday dinner party on Saturday because, well, there was a bit of a candle wax incident.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comAs in, picture all of those candles melting everywhere. It took a bit of googling, a credit card, and some elbow grease to get the table cleaned up. And those really awesome Nate Berkus for Target candleholders? Toast. Like so covered in candle wax that they couldn’t be salvaged.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comOne of Brian’s favorite holiday touches is the lighting behind the bar. He arranged a string of snowflake lights along the shelves so everything glows. It does make pouring a drink a little more fun. 

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comAnd now? The living room. By far the most festive spot in the house. (Don’t mind the pug jumping up on the couch…)

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comThe stockings are from Pottery Barn and we added monogram “L” and “O” ornaments to the ivory quilted stockings for our furry friends. We’re looking forward to adding more stockings to the mantle over time as our family grows.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comI have an obsession with reindeer. And cone-shaped trees.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comLola and Ollie approve.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comLet’s talk about this situation for a minute. This is where the aquarium lived. Until The Great Aquarium Disaster of 2013, that is. The one that resulted in the death of everything inside the tank, serious damage to the hardwoods, a hole in the wall that’s hiding behind those bookshelves, and a giant chunk of missing sheetrock in the basement ceiling. But we’re making the best of it. I pulled these shelves from the basement, attempted to style them, and am still planning what to put there permanently. For the time being, this hides the giant hole in the wall and some of the floor damage, but the space is begging for something more substantial in size. And as we start on repairs to the house, we’re looking to make some updates in flooring and hopefully a major basement renovation.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.comDisasters aside, it’s so nice to snuggle up in the living room, play marathon games of Monopoly (a Carter family holiday tradition), and sip manhattans and pinot noir by the fire.

Our Holiday Home Tour | Oliverandbelle.com